Stolen Identity?

I keep getting somebody trying to use my email address to sign up for information and email announcements. I’m pretty sure its not me doing it whilst I’m asleep, because I’m not really interested in football teams or unit rental prices on the other side of the world.

And now I’m seeing a few password reset attempts for various different websites, such as Twitter.

I wonder who out there thinks they are me?

Gnome zoom, driving me crazy

Just now I’ve found the solution to something thats been bugging me a lot with recent versions of Gnome.

Occasionally, I’d accidentally hit a key combination and I’d invite some “zoom” function – but it didn’t appear to have anything to do with gnome-orca or gnome-mag – I couldn’t find any keybindings that had anything to do with it.

I’ve now found out that this is due to compviz. To turn this off, install the compizconfig-settings-manager package,

sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

and turn off “Enhanced Zoom Desktop“. The key combination I was accidently hitting was “Super + Button2”.

Today’s Rant: a href=javascript

Why do seemingly intelligent people create HTML code like this:

<a href="javascript:popupHelp()">

it is stupidly annoying, especially as I don’t often check the link target before clicking “Open in a New Window“.

Can’t something like …

<a href="the_info.html" onClick="javascript:popupHelp()">

… do the job? (I’m assuming that you’d use proper tags, not just what I made up whilst ranting).

Kindle app vs Kobo app

Comparing two e-reader applications on an Android phone, comparing the same free E-Book available from both in their native format.

  • Kindle application seems a touch better
  • Kobo app seemed to be better integrated into Android (downloading books showed up in the notifications), but not as well as it could be (when you are listening to music, it shows up in the notifications – why not the same for reading a book?).
  • Kobo has better fonts/text looks visually better, the Kindle appears to have a problem with the screen margin, and spaces between words are sometimes too small so it appears there is no space at all.
  • Kobo doesn’t rotate
  • Kindle’s website is better, Kobo has a built-in store search but Kindle just directs you do a mobile version of the website (searching from both apps is good)

Still need to check prices and range.